I Spasmed and Fell Off the Table Crying...

I didn't used to hate dentists. I never really liked them, but I could deal with them. However, about five years ago, I went to the dentist to fix a cavity on one of my front teeth. Apparently it was a deep cavity, but he didn't want to do a root canal. He numbs me as much as he can and starts drilling. It's uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful.

Suddenly, pain shoots from my mouth all the way down my body. I scream and fall of the table as my body jolted into the air. Blood was dripping out of my mouth as I tried to hold back tears.

He had drilled right into a nerve. It was the most painful ******* experience of my life, and because of it, I can't stand going to the dentist, if only for teeth cleaning.
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18-21, M
Jun 1, 2007