I Told Him I Wished He Would Die...

That pretty much sums it up.  When I was 8 and we were leaving my dentist's office after having a filling done, I turned around and said, "I wish you would just die!"

I can't imagine who this 8-year-old kid was - I mean, who actually says that?  To their dentist?!  I really, really hated going, though.  I dreaded the appointments so much that I dreaded even the two or three days BEFORE the appointment, because it was too close to when I'd actually have to go.

I don't hate it as much any more - but I now I have a different dentist, LOL.

Sinopa2 Sinopa2
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1 Response Jan 7, 2007

ROFLMAO!! My mouth fell open on this one! You were just being an honest 8 yr. old!! Most of us as adults prob. had the same passing thought to a degree. Thank goodness, the dentists and doc's don't fall over dead though... nobody's teeth would ever get fixed!! lol