Dentists And Their Jokes

I hate how dentists always say things like "i know you dont want to be here but....blah blah" and youre supposed to laugh.



Shad0wM Shad0wM
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 5, 2006

yeah, i'm with you on that one. :) why do they feel the need to talk to you when they're poking around in your mouth, it's not like you can answer them with their fist in your mouth. My dentist always jumps back away from me whenever i get the bite wings in my mouth, cause once i hurled on her. I warned her, but she felt then need to lean over me when i was trying to pull that little sink thing closer and she got in the way. I think she probed a little bit harder now, digging in that little metal pick a little more than neccissary. :)