For Three Reasons

I hate dentists for a couple reasons:

1. They invade my mouth space.

- Do not invade my mouth space. Ever.

2. They cause me pain.

- Mouth pain is the worst for me. I would rather have any other pain than mouth pain.

3. I have never had a decent dentist.

- Every single dentist I have had has either been incompetent, mean, rude, or a pig. The last dentist I went to asked if I was surprised by the work I needed done. (I have terrible teeth... apparently it's genetic. My dad's side has terrible teeth too.) I said that yeah, I was, considering I brushed, flossed, and used mouth wash every day. He gave me this... smug look like I was lying and said, "Oh, really? Hmm... Well, I can't believe YOU of all people would be surprised. You should watch this video on hygiene." God, his tone made me want to punch him. I may have bad teeth, but you don't need to act like a ***** about it. And I DO have good hygiene. Gah. At least my teeth look good. That's all that matters... until they fall out...

kleisse kleisse
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2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I also used to hate dentists until I found one in my area who's ad in the phone book said "your comfort is our main concern". I don't mind going now because I get nitrous gas for every procedure. It's amazing how relaxed I have become.

Eep. A lot of people in my family have receding gums, I hope I don't follow suit.<br />
<br />
My teeth are fairly healthy, although they're not as white as I would like. <br />
<br />
I agree dentists seem to think they're superior to us or something. Pssh.