Don't Visit Dentists In the Uk

Don't visit private dentists in the UK they are completely unregulated. 90% of their work falls below international standards. 4 out of 5 root canals do not meet European Endontic Society standards. 88% of people with periodontal disease are told there is nothing they can do and so receive no treatment. Three close friends have lost all their teeth because of this. One dentist filed between all of another friends back teeth so she could 'flick meat out with her tongue'! the list of negligence that I personal have heard from friends is endless and alarming. These animals are just being let lose on us and nobody cares. Nobody in the UK ever seems to complain.When I say to friends sue your dentist or make an official complaint they say it is too traumatic to revisit what they have suffered. they don't seem to realise that it might stop other people being injured if they get the dentist struck off. Dentists here are getting away with ruining our teeth and health. UK dentists cannot even carry out routine fillings as I have just discovered.

I went to two unrelated private dentists to have two tiny amalgam fillings replaced. Both dentists left the old fillings under the new white ones. One of the dentists not only left the old filling in, he also carved all round it and removed the back of my tooth. I had no pain or symptoms to warn me of what they had done. This has resulted in both teeth developing stress fractures. One is now RCT'd and crowned, the other must be extracted.

I am so depressed these are my two main chewing teeth. How am I going to eat? I am also a professional windplayer, this is affecting my career. I can't practice, I dread going out infront of an audience with a tooth missing. It totally revolts me. I only ever had three tiny fillings before and dentists always told me what beautiful healthy teeth I had. Now these evil dentists have stolen away my healthy body part and ruined my life. I am terrified of what this will do to my other perfect healthy unfilled teeth and over all health. I will now have bad teeth for the rest of my life.

to make matters worse subsequent dentists have been trying to cover up what has been done to me. Telling crap things like 'you are making a fuss about nothing, lots of people have teeth missing'. The other dentist tried to make me think my teeth had cracked because I have a 'heavy bite'. I've sought two opinions about this and have been told it is rubbish. I am suing the lot of them. My lawyer has kindly sent me a picture of the teeth that clearly show the old amalgams and the damage they have caused. I've seen it with my own eyes so nobody can fool me anymore.

The government is covering up the extent of the problem and the General Dental Council is run by dentists old boy network. Most of my friends have suffered some form of dental negligence, ranging from not too serious to total loss of all teeth. so next time you make a joke about English teeth remember our teeth are bad because we have awful dentists.

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I agree with you. luckily my trips to the dentist have never been anything other than check-ups *touches wood* and one minor repair for a cracked tooth (damn dog headbutted me and BAM gone!) my firend had to have a tooth removed and later developed an abcess. There were still fragments of the tooth in her gum!

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