All the Scraping And Picking!

So today I had to go back into the dentist because according the them, it has been 6 months since I've last seen them.  Oh the joy.  Anyway, so I'm in the waiting room reading a "great" issue of People Magainze, and am eventually taken into the back, and to my 'room'.  A couple min's later, a female dentist comes in and leans me back in the chair, and does the usual "check-the-teeth-out-and-make-sure-nothing-is-wrong" routine.  But instead of the simple procedure, she goes and starts picking at the "inside" parts (I guess you could also say the "top" of my teeth) and it's HORRIBLE.  It was like knives and pins were being driven through me.  And as if me trying to pull away wasn't a clear enough sign, the woman just gets closer, and starts picking harder.  I figured that I really messed up on my brushing/flossing/scope-ing, but no.  I had nothing wrong.  It was just that it had been 6 months since my last "Hostel (film)" experience there.  Ahh, and for a wonderfull $124 too.

chadtapp chadtapp
18-21, M
Aug 29, 2006