I hate these idiotic commercials.  They try to undermine a person's self worth, by telling you that you are not as good as a skinny person.  BS!  Obesity is dangerous, but dieting to please another person is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Keep fit, eat properly and do moderate exercise and all SHOULD be well.  I do not like the symbol of this site.  It looks icky. Change the logo.
Callalilly Callalilly
66-70, F
2 Responses May 11, 2012

You are really correct! I just think that while we are the same, we do have differences, but superficial differences. I think some of those girls and movie dolls look like victims of the Natzi's!!!! TOO SKINNY! Go at it calm and slow. A few pounds do not matter, but MAJOR OBESITY is unhealthy. I feel so bad for the young girls and boys who still carry a little baby fat over into highschool. Kids can be so cruel, but where did they get it, from home, of course. We must stop this attitude and accept ourselves for what we are. The soul and the heart are what matter, not the facade. Hugs, Callalilly

You are so right! I am so fed up with all these diet commercials....UGH! I have to turn the channel when I see one! Besides, the celebrities who seem to dominate the diet world....are getting paid to lose weight! That right there shows that it's unhealthy.....they're not doing it for health reasons, but for MONEY and to show that it took them no time at all to lose their weight! It's more of a competition thing among them! People who are looking to decrease their waist size should take their time and do whatever works for them.....not what works for someone else!