People Who Give Dirty Looks

I can't stand people giving me snotty looks or rolling their eyes at me.  It is so disrespectful and difficult to deal with because often no-one else around notices, so if you get more angry you just look like you are overreacting or something.  My boyfriends' dad does it all the time--usually making eye-contact with one of his friends or his brothers when my boyfriend is talking to him, sort of a "ha-ha-wink-wink" type of thing.  Someone else I know is usually very friendly, but this morning when I was really angry about something, she started laughing, and I wasn't sure if it was at me or what.  I asked her and she said it had nothing to do with me, and she also said "what if it did have something to do with you, why would it matter? and I said just that it would have been very unsympathetic.  She said it didn't have to do with me, and I said that makes me feel a lot better.  As I said that, she gave me thing really nasty look involving rolling her eyes.  So I was upset by it and told her that I don't like the looks she gives me.  As I told her that, while I was telling her that, she rolled her eyes at me again, and I said, "there, look, you're doing it again."  She said that that's just the way she is and that I give her "looks" sometimes as well.  I said "O.K.," but I still am surprised because I never knew she was such a *****.  I remember one time I was asking someone to borrow a couple of bucks for lunch so I wouldn't have to use the ATM, and she gave me a look, and I gave her a look of hatred.  But that's different from bitchy, and she still gave me the look first.  She reminds me of my ex-boyfriend--acting all superior to everyone because he's able to supress his anger so well, and then subtly making the people around him feel ****** as a consequence.  I hate it when people won't confront me with their problems but just treat me ****** instead.  I don't hurt peoples' feelings on purpose; how am I supposed to know what I did if instead of telling me your feelings were hurt you just turn into a ******* *****?  That's what I have to say.  I wish I could have been more articulate in the moment but I was tired of it.  "That's just the way I am--it's one of those things difficult to counter without being rude:  "so, basically, you're just a ***** and everyone around you has to deal with it?"  is what I think of.  Then class started and we couldn't have talked anymore anyways.  Now I am left angry.  But I don't know what to do about it because usually people apologize--she did not, expressed clearly that she could care less how I feel.  What do you do with people like that that you have to be around?  It's like with my brother.  Running hot and cold on me all the time.  You're nice to them, they hurt you, they pretend it doesn't matter, you're nice to them again, they hurt you again.  O.K.  Gotta go.

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1 Response Nov 12, 2009

I hate when people give me dirty looks. It kind of hurts my feelings. But I always remember that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Life is a school, and you will keep getting kicked in the butt until you learn your lesson. I have to learn not to let other people's dirty looks affect me. White people can give some of the dirtiest looks because their face starts turning red. You have to develop the attitude of " I know where I stand! **** you!/the hell with you!", mean it, and keep on walking with your head up high (counting your blessings). There's always gonna be someone that would rather be in your shoes.