I Can't Seem To Get Over How Much I Hate This One Girl...

So my boyfriend is in rodeo and does team roping which means he has a roping partner. This tall, blonde girl named Miranda. Let me first start off with saying no matter what I do I still hate her, everything she does just ****** me off. And I would like to be able to not be jealous and so angry whenever she's around for me and my boyfriends sake. So let me just tell you what she does that makes me so mad. Well she's been partners with him for like seven or eight months now and according to my boyfriend he had a crush on her but then realized how bitchy she was and didn't want a long distance relationship (she lives in a different county) however she has never gotten over the crush she has on him and has NO problem showing it off to me as much a possible. She flirts with him right in front of me and I'll tell you my exact experiences...So i met her at his first rodeo she was nice I didn't really mind her much but the moment his mom introduced me as "David's girlfriend" the glares started. So then it was like whatever I didn't really think much of it until she would text him and then I would ask about her and he told me about the crush thing. I still was like ok, that makes me uncomortable but alright he doesn't have feelings for her so ok. And then i started going to more and more of his rodeos and roping club. I love david and i'm his girlfriend so of course I hang out with him all the time. So at roping club, which by the way his MOM suggested she go with us even though she knew I wasn't very fond of her, she arrived, walked in the door with her horse. Me and him were tacking up and I was waiting for him. She came right up looked at me and stared...and waited...I became uncomfortable enough that I walked away and THEN SHE STARTED TALKING TO HIM. so basically just waiting for me to ******* leave so she could talk to him. So that started it off. She glares at me every chance she gets. And did i mention that she is probably the rudest person i've ever met? and i'm not saying that just because I hate her i'm saying that because being the nice person who i am and being a girl i can see when a girl is a ***** and she is the definition of rude. She has her smart *** little comments to other girls like "i'll only rope with you if you catch" OH-HOE! it gets better! she's being roping for five years, she can't caught worth ****! i mean literally everytime he goes to a rodeo he texts me "i caught and she didn't" and i'm not even kidding! EVERYTIME. so for her to say "i'll only rope with you if you catch" is so incredibly rude I can hardly see straight! and she said that right in front of his mom and his mom didn't say anything! and she by the way thinks the WORLD of this girl! she thinks she's a good roper AND will back her up when she flirts with david in front of me. And at that roping club his mom pulled my horse over to miranda(pushy much?) and was like "miranda will help you" and miranda just rode away like eff off. HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT??? and I told his mom that she flirts with him in front of me and of course my boyfriend doesn't see it but being a girl i KNOW when another girl is flirting. but when i told her that she was like Oh I think she's just a flirty girl, that's just how she is. I don't give a **** if that's how she is, she needs to pay attention to who she's flirting with and knock it off!! and just a few weeks ago when they were at a rodeo, david wasn't talking to her cuz I told him it made me feel uncomfortable and they are only professionally partners so they(she) should keep it professional and he also doesn't like her personality so he doesn't like talking to her, but anyways when he wasn't talking to her, his mom basically made it feel like **** later on for it and was like she pays for her own rodeos and blah blah. and nobody was talking to her, hmmm i wonder why maybe cuz she's a *****. Oh and guess what she wore to roping club, in the huge dirt arena? A tank top that basically hit below her chest, a push up bra, diamond dangling earrings and her hair was done up. How much of a ***** can this girl be honestly? who the **** wears that to a rodeo?! she is also a complete spoiled brat who yells at her mom all the time( I see it) So I'm all alone in seeing the true side of his girl, it is beyond frustrating because she is the kind of girl who doesn't give a **** if a guy has a girlfriend she only sees a prize and will do anything to get him. I trust him completely but it's hard to be so far away from him when i know she's going to try something on him and I would like to be there so she knows she can't do that **** and get away with it. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it, I've tried kissing him in front of her and being all lovey dovey to show her that he's mine but she just glares at me and then I get mad. It really is so disrespectful that she does this and If she doesn't learn her lesson soon because everybody thinks she's a angel then i'll have to teach her it myself.
tanacullen tanacullen
18-21, F
May 16, 2012