Most Doctors Are Behind The Times On Hrt And I Think They Inject Their Own Value Sytem Into The Treatment.

So here is part of my story...

Wife and I go to a marriage/sex therapist. At a point, the therapist says "you both have very different sex drive". Thats it.. nothing about doing anything to resolve that... the usual practice as I understand it would be that the person with the lower sex drive (libido) would go to thier doctor and have their hormones checked to rule that out as a reason for the difference. It never happened! So what was the therapist thinking after that?

At one point, my wife says she had a discussion with her doctor about our sex life and her libido. The doctor attributes it to stress and relationship issues. Ok, I'll buy that IF her hormone levels (esp testosterone) are good. When I say good, I dont mean they are typical for women in menopause with low sex drive and for this stage of thier lives... I mean good as in what they need to be to have good mood, energy, fitness, and strong (!) libido....

Let me give an example of a doctors response in my case which I think represents how most doctors treat male and female related to HRT. I've had to come back from a period of poor health due to poor nutrition, lack of attention to fitness, etc. At one point I thought to have my testosterone levels checked. The lab report came back with a "total" t level of 380 ng/dl. I was told I was fine. Some years later after some research on what male t levels should be, I had another blood test done. It checked for "total" t and I had to ask the doctor to do "free" t levels and estradiol levels checked as its the free levels that you body can use and it can also be converted to estrogen which can lower that level. Really? I had to know this .. not him? My new "total" level came back at 420ng/dl. After some further research, I found that the average "total" t level for a man 52 yrs is 604 ng/dl. Latter I go back to him and explain my low energy, moodiness, unable to sleep well, struggle to gain lean muscle and that I was interested in testosterone supplementation. He immediately went into risk of cancer yada yada.. In the end, he referred my to an endocrinologist. He wanted to test my thyroid and was also averse to testosterone supplementation... Look.. if testosterone caused cancer, every 20 yr old would have cancer and us older folks would never get it! The only way you get cancer is if you already have it, in which case testosterone as an androgen which facilitates cell growth will grow cancer cells just like it would grow muscle cells. thats why they do a prostate exam before putting a male on therapy in thats thats the most frequent cause of cancer in men. (unless you have *********** a lot over your life which can help prevent it LOL)

So here are so many people in no sex, low sex marriages, many of which would definitely benefit from HRT therapy and the medical doctors are holding back. Granted they are concerned for your health, but what about quality of life? I dont need to be alive and misserable! And don't give me some damn anti depressant to cure that!.

Here are two great web sites on HRT:
For women -

For men -

Lets get our lives back... lets get our sexuality back... lets get the sex in our marriages great...lets stop letting doctors decide that sex once a week or month and your ok...

Spread this word! Spread these web sites above.. get the truth out!
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Sep 19, 2012