Scum Of The Earth

I had the worst experience yesterday with doctors i went to the er for trying to kill myself. And i wasn't being very cooperative ill admit but i just wanted to go home and they said i couldn't because i was on a hold. They asked for urine and blood. Didn't want to do that so the nurses held me down while they took blood. Then again they tried to forcablly stick a catheter up me which didn't work the first time so they did it a second time it was so traumatic and it hurt a lot. But the night wasn't over i was restrained the whole time. but got out so they tightened them. I wouldn't stop kicking the bed rails with my leg and head so they gave me something that put me out flat. I was tired for two freaking days thats how long it took to wear off. I know i was acting crazy but i guess because im 17 i have no rights . I guess thinking doctors are the scum of the earth doesn't matter either. I did feel bad because i made a lady cry because she saw them draw blood forceablly. But otherwise i still find doctors to be the scum of the earth. I don't regret acting up at all
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

sounds like u need a brain scan or a visit to a psychiatrist. Anyway, that'll teach you for trying to kill yourself!

i kno how u feel, i had a similar experience when i was in rehab at the age of 14