Quality Of Life Vs. Quantity Of Life

Doctors operate under the guise of saving lives but how exactly are they doing that? By stabbing people with needles and cutting them open of course! I have always believed that this is not life, it's a fate worse than death. Of course I'm rather unique as far as I know in that pain killers don't work on me and every pain I've ever felt has stuck with me. I still feel the pain from my circumcision when I was born, I still feel every needle that has gone into my skin, I still feel the pain in my mouth from having teeth pulled, I still walk with a limp because of the pain that was caused in the 6th grade when I had an ingrown toenail removed. That ingrown toenail was the last time I actually went to a doctor and I didn't even want to get that done. The only reason any of it was done was because I had no choice.

I'm free from it now being 26 I've had the right to decline any medical "care" sense I turned 18. People talk about parent's rights but it's not their body so it's not their right. It should be the child's. I can almost understand a medical procedure being done without the patient's consent if they'll die with out it and are incapable of voicing their concerns. That basically only includes infants, people with sever mental disabilities, and people in comas.

It's said they won't give any rights to children because they're deemed incapable of making informed decisions but how does anyone know that when no one bothers to even discuss such things with children. They're hauled off to the hospital kicking and screaming without so much as a word about why they should go.

Plus every medical procedure has a risk, many of which doctors neglect to tell patients about so even adults are incapable of making informed decisions when their doctors won't even tell them what the risks are.

I for one believe in quality over quantity. If I had the choice I'd rather live a short life pain free than a long life in constant pain. Doctors ignore the pain saying "it only hurts for a second" or won't acknowledge it at all saying "this won't hurt a bit". They deem pain a minor side effect. That minor side effect caused me to attempt suicide multiple times because I'd rather die than suffer the pain.

The thing is there are pain killers and for most people they work. Why can't doctors give them for any procedure that's going to cause pain not just for what they deem to be major surgery. Oh because people will become addicted to them and overdose on them. I over dosed on pain killers anyway before I realized they don't even work. The bottle said take as needed. On the same subject, what is the point of a pain killer that is given threw a needle? You're causing pain to relieve pain. That's what they used when I had my ingrown toenail removed, they put 4 shots in my toe to try and numb it and then I ended up feeling the entire surgery anyway so the shots did nothing but make it worse for me.

I say their body, their rights. Anyone regardless of age should be able to say no to any medical procedure if they don't want it.

There's also the matter of medical procedures that don't actually have any medical benefits. Like circumcision, gender correction (for babies born with both male and female genitals), and I don't know if this is really medical but it's a body modification, ear piercing.

Circumcision has been proven to have no medical benefits but is still preformed in the U.S. and doctors still make that claim that it helps prevent the spread of STD infections which in fact it doesn't.

Gender correction also has no medical benefits and is only done so the child can be "normal" but what if the child wanted to be a boy and the parent's choose to make it a girl? Or what if they didn't feel the need to be normal? If I went threw that I would feel like my parent's didn't love me the way I was by making a choice like that. I think parents should just accept their children as they are and not try to change them for the sake of what is normal. If I had a child like that I'd still love regardless. I wouldn't care boy or girl or both. The only thing I would have a problem with is what to call them but I'd get over it pretty quickly.

Now about the ear piercing, not every parent does this but I have seen one girl who was only about 3 years old and the mother said she had her ears pierced because her hair is so short she looked like a boy. The kid is only 3, who really expects a 3 year old to have a full head of long hair? And really if that's the only reason just dress her in pink, or make her wear a dress all the time. Don't dress her like a boy and your point about her looking like a boy is rendered invalid.

I won't have children because I have what some might call unrealistic expectations for medical care. I expect vaccinations to be changed from injections to either pills or a liquid medication that can be ingested orally. I expect surgery to only be done in life or death circumstances and with the patient's consent regardless of age. And also sense there's no real cure for cancer anyway, why do we bother with treatments that only slow it's spread. If the patient is going to die regardless of weather or not they receive help then it shouldn't be done at all. Quality over quantity.

Cancer patients should be living as normal lives as they can while they still have time left to live their lives. The treatment may extend their lives a little bit but if they spend most of their lives in the hospital they aren't really living. This is more directed at children who don't have a choice in the matter. Adults can refuse treatments if they want to so it's not like anyone is forcing them to go to a doctor.

Children would even have cancer in the first place if their parent's didn't smoke while pregnant so why should the parents have the right to tell them how to live when it's their fault the kid is dying in the first place.

If I ran things the only thing doctors would be able to treat is pain. That's what they're suppose to do anyway. Pain is the first sign of a medical problem. Doctors are suppose to fix said problems but instead they just make them worse. I read an article about a girl who can't feel pain and doctors are trying to "help" her by finding a way to make it so she can feel pain. I found the article very offensive and this girl should be left the way she is. Instead they should be trying to make me like her so I can finally be relieved of my pain without having to die to do it.
MarvinAdams42 MarvinAdams42
22-25, M
Nov 28, 2012