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So I've had random medical issues for YEARS now. I have sought out medical care because they weren't things I could just handle on my own. About 3 years ago, I had the Mirena IUD put in. Almost immediately, I began experiencing very strange symptoms. Heart racing, arm hurting, nausea, headache, dizziness, faint feeling, upset stomach. I was told by a nurse over the phone, to call an ambulance because she thought I was having a heart attack. I ended up having three EKG's in one day, to no avail. It's like my body knows when it should act normal, and when it should wig out. I went through this phase of feeling my body shutting down in the evening for over a month. Shallow, labored breathing plus the other symptoms as well as others. Like I was going to die. I would get extremely cold, pale, and weak. I had brought my concerns up to my doctor and even saw others to get a new opinion. They did a HUGE battery of tests. More EKG's, I had to save my urine in my fridge, they took vials upon vials of blood, CT scans, MRIs, you name it. Found nothing. I was told it was in my head and that if I just didn't worry about it and took these pills (Ativan and Zoloft in high doses), it would go away. Well it didn't. I was taking the Ativan in a higher dose to knock me out and figured that if I was going to die, I'd rather die in my sleep. Not that I wanted to at all. Just felt like if it was going to happen, I'd rather be asleep than awake when it happened. They chalked it all up to anxiety/depression. NEVER had issues like that before the IUD. I did some searching and lo and behold, there are loads of women with the SAME issues as what I was having. Being told the SAME thing "It's all in your head, take these pills." I had told my doctors about my concerns and that I thought the Mirena was the cause. No way in hell could that have been it, according to them. I had the Mirena removed about a month and a half after I had it put in. Yup. All that hell in a little more than a month, shortly after I had a baby too. It almost ruined my life.

Now, I have this lymph node that has been swollen for over 4 years. I have been told several times that if it doesn't go away, they'd look into it more. They didn't so I made an appointment today. I went into a doctor I had seen before to relay my concerns. She did offer some comfort with saying it's most likely not anything cancer. But still treated me like it's all in my head. I've been getting an increase in headaches on the same side of my head that the lymph node is on. I have been experiencing pain there also. I do have a CT scan on my head and neck scheduled for tomorrow, but I worry they will miss something because I had two pretty large (egg sized and bulging out), incarcerated hernias, that they had missed even with about five CT scans plus xrays, over the course of about 14 months. They were convinced it was my gall bladder and almost took it out even when all the tests on it came back completely normal. Not that I trust the tests, but I trust myself, and I knew it wasn't my gall bladder. It wasn't even in the right location. Needless to say, I hate doctors! Ever since I had the go round with the 'crazies' because of the Mirena, along with VERY REAL and VERY SCARY symptoms to boot, but their tests showed nothing wrong, I'm now treated like I just want this attention or that I'm just out for drugs. I'm a mom with two young kids (3 and 4). I just want to know what is going on with me and have someone out of the tons of doctors I've seen, to treat me as someone who is experiencing REAL medical problems and needs help with them and that the issues are not just in my head. I cry sometimes, like a lot, because the ones who are supposed to help, don't. Even my parents treat me like I'm just some psycho and that I'm making this stuff up. Yes, I do have trust issues because I've had my trust broken too many times to count. All of this doesn't help them at all. I've been on so many different pills for so many different things, and NONE help. They aren't finding the underlying causes of anything until I find it and point it out to them (severe abdominal pain for a long time caused by hernias I pointed out to them. Issues after Mirena, that pretty much stopped since it's removal. Still have symptoms of PTSD from it though.) I shouldn't have to do their job to get the right help I need. They should be willing to help you figure this stuff out without making you feel worse and like they're just giving up on you. I now feel like they are going to just brush me off again. The doctor even hid my chart from me so she could write something in it while putting in the referral...

I know I sound paranoid and probably absolutely nuts. I am aware of that. Trust me. I have been treated that way for YEARS now, even though the Mirena issues have been validated with a massive lawsuit. They still look at all the tests I had done, and all the normal results, and still treat me like I'm in it for attention and drugs. I'm tired of it. I'm to the point of giving up and just living with the horribly bad headaches that take me away from being the parent I want to be and my kids need me to be. I get so bummed out because I know I have something going on with me. My body is telling me so. Yet no one will really listen and take me seriously. They would rather have me all doped up on their drugs, than have me be healthy and happy. I can't do this anymore! I really can't. It's too much to be told that the very real pain and issues, are all in my head. I'm nuts, but not that completely bonkers!
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You are not paranoid or crazy. Many people don't understand that the solution starts when you listen to patients about what they're going through. You know your body better than anyone who's read a book, many healthcare profs know names, general functions, and how to map them. The issue is that no one hears or thinks of the patient; pills get piled on - one to treat the disease, another to cancel the side effect of the first, then another to cancel the side effect of the second, and so on. Many of the mechanisms of action for the pills are unknown - check any drug guide. You are your first resort, your own doctor. You have to do your own homework to heal yourself. Drugs do work, but their purpose is often monolithic ; treating symptoms while causing damage to everything else.