God Complex

I have only ever met two doctors that I liked. I liked them because they treated their patients like they were human, with respect and dignity. I can't stand that god complex that almost all of them get.
I hate how they almost always disregard the mental/emotional aspect of people. It's like every patient is just a body. I believe that every doctor should have a major bone broken, major surgery, and spend at least a week laid up in the hospital. That way they can understand how these things affect you on a personal level and not just a physical one.
I have come to detest the way that a lot of doctors think that they are in total control and nothing matters but what they think and want. They have lost sight of the fact that the patient decides what they do and not them. If the patient doesn't want something done it doesn't get done, no matter what the doctor thinks. Just because their parents had enough money to send them to medical school doesn't mean that they are necessarily smart. After all, a doctor is just someone that has read books that we haven't.
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Thank you so much. Too true, I think. I have worked with the likes of which make $500K a year and you start to get a rudimentary knowledge of what they do when you watch them work. Truth is, they're definitely in a club only they can afford. It takes a while to find a human being among them with grace and the ability to listen. But patient-centered care has easily become a mere slogan these days.

You said it. Thank you for reading my story and sharing.