I Am So Tired of Dogs.

 My family is a dog family, we have always had dogs. Never little small cute ones, but big dumb dogs that smell and shed all over the place. Sure we were training them for CCI, but why the hell did I have to talk care of the puppies? They chewed up my stuff, made messes I had to clean up. It was nightmare after nightmare. I didn't even want dogs and now I'm completely turned off by the idea of getting a new one. We're finally down to one dog in my household and I definitely won't miss it when it's gone.

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5 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I can't blame a man for wanting a house and beng able to say goodbye to landlords.

I hate the way they are always sniffing around.I feel so disgusting,especially because I know it's a dominance thing,like:" Where were you?Who were you with?I want to know now!" I hate when his snot gets on my clothes!I wear a lot black.Needless to say,this butt- face dog will learn to stay away from me....I heard they hate the smell of lemon,is that true?

I love to comment when neither applys to me.........I have never been the cookie cutter type............Ive always hated dogs, liked cats because they pretty much took care of themselves. I hated he thought of picking up dog crap, and cats always buried their stuff (no cat box here) not to mention dog hair (had short hair cat 17 year old).. Never had dog and im over 60 (a tad),,,,,,,,,,,,I went to visit a friend and shehd an Italian Greyhound, had had a few Tequila Sunrises, and she talked me into getting one. To make a long story short, it has been almost 2 years, and several swats with the fly swatter and she finally learned who the Megga Mom is......thats right me. So Baby know just how you feel, try and keep away from those stinky uneducated dogs as much as you can.....Love Lucy

I agree with dimmi, and for some reason it's mostly guys. They seem to think it makes them more macho & interesting... I beg to differ, dogs are horrible but an untrained one is even worse....If you can't train & control your animal - don't get one.<br />
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If I'd known years ago how much hassle my husbands dogs were going to be I would never have moved in with him..... too late now unfortunately - all I can hope for is that they die soon.

YAY some one who agrees they are dumb and destructive