Never Liked Them

I hate doing dishes. I never liked doing them. Doing dishes always seemed like something that prevented me or whoever was doing them from doing other things. It dries my hands, and makes them crack in winter time.

I guess I only really started hated doing dishes when I moved into a house with 3 guys in university. Although dishes were done relatively well the first week, in the months and years to come they just kept piling and piling. Even when I went on the occasional 2 hour doing dishes spree after dinner, there would already be 1/3 of a sink full. After I would always end up doing dishes twice for a meal. Once to clean them so I could use them, and then once afterwards because I didn't like leaving dirty dishes. There was no change really. Since there were days I didn't have time to dishes twice, I ended up hoarding clean dishes in my room, just one set (eg a plate, a bowl, fork, knife, spoon, cup) at first but then it ended up being most of them. I'd keep the clean dishes in my room for when company came over, (I wouldn't force them to do our dishes!) Dishes represented the never ending struggle, of something that was always there.

I've hated doing dishes ever since, even after having moved out of that house.
Now I can sort of cope with it by saying instead: "I want a clean counter and clean sinks!" And I'll do dishes, and it will be clean for at least a day.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Jeez, your roommates sound like they were jerks. I would have just started cleaning my own dishes. Anything they used? Nope. If they complained about it, too bad. I did MY dishes.

I don't do well when chores like laundry and dishes aren't shared, since they're shared where I live. And yeah, god I hate doing them in the winter time.