Organisation, Organisation, Organisation.

I hate doing nothing. I hate it sometimes when other people organise things & it just ends up being doing nothing. I want to spend my life doing things - so if I have 5 days where my boyfriend comes to stay, I want to go & visit the museums, cafes, go on walks & so on in the area. I don't want to sit around watching daytime TV. I want to get out there & live.

This is why I can never get into watching seasons of programmes. I can watch movies because I feel like I can learn something from them that I can apply in real life... but seasons upon seasons of programmes just seems like precious minutes wasted getting involved with people who aren't real instead of those who are.

I hate doing nothing, so I'm minimising it as much as possible. I'm going to spend as much time as possible with people who want to fill their days doing things - even if that thing is just having a coffee & going for a nice meal. I want it all now.
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I sure am :D<br />
Well at the moment I am juggling three jobs, which is good because I like to keep busy. I am the entire team for graduate recruitment for a company - which is a new area they're working in, so I'm pretty busy with that as a project! I'm also starting an Ma in September, so I'll have lots of essays/vocational work to do.<br />
<br />
In my spare time I like working out at the gym or going on local walks & finding about my local area while keeping fit. I love going to local museums & cute places like model villages. I'm really interested in biodiversity & maintaining the environment so I'm planning on going on conservation holidays or doing conservation in my local area. Hopefully I can rope a few friends into doing that with me so it can be a fun group activity :)<br />
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My favourite thing is to explore my local area (wherever that is at the time!) & find great places for locally sourced food, or places of historical interest.<br />
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I'm thinking of starting a book club... although this depends on whether or not I can find enough friends to enjoy that with me, maybe I should do an EP one ;)

It sounds like you are definitely going after the active leisure time! What kind of things do you spend your time doing? Do you have projects you are working on?