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His Name Is His Brand

TRUMP. His name is his brand. His messed up hair is part of his ego/brand. I'm tired of hearing his yammering about the President's birth certificate. That is an ancient tale that was disproven long ago.

His reality shows where people take on projects reminds me what I don't miss about working in the private sector.

Mr. Trump is making himself out to be a crank. I have a choice regarding staying at hotels. His properties are not on my list.
CrazyWaterSpring CrazyWaterSpring 51-55, M 4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

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I wouldn't stay in one of his hotels if it were FREE. Seems a bit obvious when the room rates become ALMOST reasonable. Bucking for a few votes? At least he had sense enough to put his Trump Tower at the far north end of The Las Vegas *****. He can be among the trolls, misfits and dregs of society.

North of the Strat. Where the tour guides tell you not to get off the city bus. We have enough "scary" people in our home towns. We don't want to deal with them too while on vacation. Would I stay in a Trump property? No!

I'm with you on that Crzy. I won't deny his success, but I damned sure won't contribute to any more of it.

I have to agree with you just about 100% He has to be one of the yuckiest men on the planet and not just from a looks stand point either ....His actions and the way he speaks to people suck big time too......He might be rich but all the money in the world can't UN-Yuck him....

Trump bought the hotel in Vegas that invented the Sports Book. He tore it down. The next time I go to Las Vegas I definitely won't be staying at his or Sheldon Adelson's properties. Adelson was a huge source of money for the lunatic right.