People say that women have the rights as men do in this 21st century. It's not the case in my society.

Arranged marriages prevail here. And when a guys family comes to the girls house, the girl is expected to come out and stand in front of all. The guys family views her as if they view an item to be purchased. It's absolutely embarrassing.

They talk everything about her physical features. Whereas the guy sits back and comments about her and demands a huge dowry, the girl stands in a corner and her opinions can never be expressed.

I find this system absolutely humiliating and I have told my parents that I wouldn't follow it. But they insist that when the time comes I will have to go through this terrible tradition.
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Take a 3d printout of you and send it to that guy. It may save you from it i guess. Hahaha

Oh really? :/

Nahh..just kidding.

Where are you from?


Oh man... I get your situation. I saw a movie on the Indian lifestyle

Yeah It's terrible :-/

I wish I could save you from it!

Wish I could escape :-/

One day... Message me


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