I'm pretty sure once i turned 18 i became a legal adult. However at home is a different story!! i live with my gma and my uncle. i am no 20 and he is 63 but i have rules set for me. I am supposed to give a time when I'm leaving and when I'm coming back. i need to tell em where I'm going and who I'm going with. and at 20....almost 21 mind  you....i still have a curfew. I'm told to call if I'm gonna be late. my uncle is allowed to break all those rules. now i know some ppl are gonna say "its bc he is a man" and "he is so much older." but the truth of the matter is we are both adults and should be treated equally. i used to live on my own and would stay out as late as i wanted to and look at me I'm just fine. I have common sense and i know how to properly protect myself. all i ask is treat me equally. i mean this is supposed to be 2010 where men and women are equal right?

gigi07 gigi07
22-25, F
Feb 28, 2010