Dr Phil Dr D Bag

Is it just me or does everytime someone tries to change themselves on dr phil instead of helping them he rips them apart and ridicules them for what theyve done they obvi know theyre a few french fries short of a happy meal if they subjected themselves to the show...the man makes tooo much moneg to sit on his *** and tell people there stupid when they could have heard that from a bum on the st for free... in my opinion dr phil is an a hole who gets his jollys out of embaressing people who are crying out for help... i wouldnt be surprised if he cheats on his wife with half the crazy loones he has on his show...oprah ur a smart woman why have such a dumbass working underneath u ....ps... he looks like a raccooon that got hit by an 18 wheeler
Csanzdudeee Csanzdudeee
1 Response Sep 18, 2012

I think Dr.Phil makes the general public self diagnosis and makes people who know nothing abouy psychology or physiology self proclaimed "experts". This show gives people only a small piece into the issues in people's lives and it does not show all the complexity that is in the human mind. I realize that there are many parts of the brain that still have a lot of unanswered and unexplainable functions and that research is always continuing, however shows like this bring a very negative out look on many common issues in society.