Bystander In Highschool Drama

I can't recall ever being personally involved in any bigger drama case than five minutes of bickering who takes the trash out. I have seen (and heard, oh god, how can people be so loud) others participating. As a bystander it can be mildly entertaining for start, but soon it gets just annoying.

I am apparently an anti-drama person. It's not only that I don't like it, I'm unable to keep it up. Drama seems to be hating me as well. It feels so ridiculous to get all pumped up for something trivial and start making absurd speculations that I easily start laughing. I can't help it, it's just funny.

I remember one time in girls dressing room two girls were having a verbal fight. No one disturbed them and pretended like they didn't even heard, but probably were listening anyway. Then suddenly the other girl turns to look at the others and yells "AM I JUST A CLOWN FOR ALL OF YOU!?"

Anf of course I had to burst out laughing. Damn, she was pissed at that. For a moment I though she was going to punch me in the face, but luckily she didn't. I kind of felt bad afterwards, I didn't mean to offend her. It was just so random, I couldn't help myself. XD

In my highschool days I knew many girls who seemed to be living and breathing from drama alone. I was not too close with any of them, but I knew a lot about them by gossips alone. Friends and boyfriends, breaking up and getting together again. Rarely nothing was said face to face, but when someone erased someone from their friends list in facebook it was news. I guess it was amusing on it's own way, but I don't miss that time at all. (I didn't even have facebook! What an outsider.)
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I probably would have been laughing as well, I know it isn't the nicest thing to do, but honestly it's like watching some random person slipping on ice.. you just can't help but laugh. <br />
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I don't think you were wrong for it, I think if people were out in public with their "drama" then they are in fact clowns for everyone else to watch.