Just Seems Contagious

I have always tried to live drama free, it's just how I like things but it's every-damn-where. My Fiance doesn't like drama either but recently it came to him when he got drunk and his tongue got loose. People can't seem to just take it for what it is and they turn it into something else. I am honest for the most part, I can usually tell upon a first meeting if I'm going to have a a potential good friend or not and even if we'll get along. My close friends know this and they introduced me to a friend I had obviously not met yet. I was nice and respectful but I knew we would not get along and I told my friends that and of course they told the other girl.

I didn't care I had nothing to hide and the girl assumed it was like fighting words which only proved my point but she confronted me and I was totally honest. "I don't like you but I don't hate you, it's not like I will wish bad things on you...I just know we'll never be the type of peole to hang out if it wasn't for our mutual friend is all."

Simple but it was just over her head and every chance she had she tried to spread rumors and other silly stuff. And what started off in the living room of a friends house ended up in every classroom of school and beyond. It didn't bother me b/c everyone that mattered to me knew what was true and what wasn't but this is the main thing I hate about drama...it spreads and grows.
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I never actually asked them why they said something. I always just assumed that they were trying to be a friend to the girl. Y'know how friends tell just about everything? I always assumed that's what it was. They tell me gossip about people I don't even know all the time.

I like your honesty you had with that chic. Good for you. I hate people who are fake nice anf your 'friend' to your face but then say crap about you behind your back. At least you are not that girl. I hate drama too, and people like that thrive on it. So kudos to you! But I have one question, why did your other friends go and tell that girl what you said??? That seemed less friend like as well. Do they like the drama that they just created. Its not like you said you never wanted to see her again. You would have been ok with hanging in the same crowd, right? You just were not gonna be tight is all. I don't see why she needed to know what you said. No need to go a hurt her feelings, right? There are 3 types of people in my opinion... people like you and I, we hate this drama crap. People like that girl, loves to be in the middle of all the drama. And the third, people who create drama so they can sit back and watch and not be directly involved. They can be the hardest to see.<br />
Anyway, keep on rockin on.