All the World Is a Stage.

I didn't take a theatre class because I enjoy highschool drama. Yet the saying "All the world is a stage" can be used to compare the art of theatre perfomances to the highschool drama found in the everyday lives of so many people, including adults. Here are ten things they both have.. enjoy!

1) Someone is always in the spotlight.

2) There is always a protagonist and an antagonist (or one who appears to be the good guy and one who appears to be the bad guy).

3) Acting, acting, acting. The better you play out your side of the story, the farther you get (or THINK you're getting). Heck, throw in a few tears and it might just work.

4) Costumes. The one who is better dressed often wins.

5) Singing: letting your voice be heard.

6) A prologue is important. It's the story behind how it all started.

7) Extras. You involve people in the "show" who dont really play a significant role, yet they are needed for backup support.

8) Advertisement: telling the whole world about it.

9) Directors, or those who instruct the characters what to do and when to do it.. could be a meddling mother or friend who thinks their advice is needed.

10) An audience.. The reason for drama. Need I say more?

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2 Responses Apr 28, 2008

I clap for you. That was clever. I love the Shakespeare. And everything you listed is so true! Lol. The only thing is, people should never applaud drama (unless there is an obvious protagonist)

You have to do you! Do IT! HUGS, livingwell