i spent e day w my new bf yesterday and wanted 2 go on fb but my 4n hd no credit so i asked 2 use my bfs 4n.i checked my account & logged out so wen i hit e back button it went in2 his account and i jus was curious u knw.i was puzzled 2 see sweet messages he shared w a certain gal and wen i asked him he said it was his best frend a gal he has known 4 abt 8 yrs,he said ey tried dating once bt it ddnt work so they remained frendz.e messages wr sensual ones imagin.m rily wondering if frends do tht or he is just lying.some of e messages wr: ''hey sweetheart,i miss u so much i wish i was w u ryt now.it hurts me tht i missed e wedding i wanted to dance w u.i luv u"
swaglicious swaglicious
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2012