If you believe you have to make a quarrel, make a scene or go off on others to get your point across.
I truly want to be up against you to put you in your place! Am justified and logical in my thinking.
You have to be one smart *******/***** in life to get by me. While the others are forced by me to clean up their ****** mess. I have done it and won't stop making people resolve their damn dysfunctional behavior. Yet it is tiresome to be up against these ******** and ******* who won't chill the **** out and tame their emotions.
There is a few reasons why I believe a certain few pertain to be this way. While the rest are nothing
more than spoiled or being enabled to do these distrusting and disgusting things towards us, they are nothing more than a royal drama pain in the friggin ***!
wastedglory wastedglory
31-35, F
Aug 15, 2014