I find working with men more enjoyable than working with women. Women like to gossip and hold grudges and all that fun stuff. (Sarcasm) Guys just punch each other and get over it. :P Women are cat-y. Not my thing. Women with their noses stuck up in the air just irritate me and I don't like to be in a bad mood. Especially irritated.
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In the workplace - poor culture like cattiness is not acceptable, regardless of gender. Effective leadership of teams is the key. Fostering and nurturing a happy, motivated environment that is respectful of differences and that acknowledges individual strengths is important. Personal and professional development opportunities, things like that help. As is disciplinary action in the worst case scenarios where staff are unwilling to change unhelpful behavior. If the leader is the problem - look to approach them with honesty and integrity.

guess im the opposite. as I know some guys ive worked with that do not simply punch and get it over with and do hold grudge. and as far as sarcasm, ive grown up with it so I am used to it as ive been around more ladies in my family than guys and im just as guilty at giving it. baby glp.

I feel the same way, lucky me , I work with nothing but "females".

Women certainly do hold grudges and I'm so sick of it.....

Why do you think they do that? Probably because we're more emotional......I wish I could learn to not be so sensitive and emotional....

You'd be surprised at the amount of guys that can be catty as well. But I do find them more enjoyable to be around as well not because of my sexuality, but they're more of a laugh.

I feel the exact same way