Everyone makes one little ting into a huge fight😑 it's kinda stupid.. People need to learn to get over the littlest things in life
penayolisma penayolisma
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Such wise words from such a young person. People could learn a lot for this


When I was in school I did drama,(well it was part of the timetable I was forced to do it) and just because I wasn't confident the teacher used to pic on me and make me the main role. I always forgot the lines and got the blame.

Teachers are bullies,when do we say enough

Thanks for taking my side

I always say two things... "Choose your battles" and "major on the majors and minor on the minors"

Thats cool @Sezom nice



Yes thats true sometime its better to let things be as they are..but not to fight for little things

Ik but Ik people who have & put me in the middle of there fights for no reason

That is bad just ignore them and do your things

😏got it thanks

Okey my friend thanks too your welcome

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