So. In a nut shel. My sister sent me some messages last year with dead threatens. She is the biggest victim of my mom's unhealthy mind. So I believe she was venting out some conversations they were having. And my mother would not even engage in a conversation with me about this matter I asked her to go to a therapist and she refused, in addition to refusing to talk. This year my brother bullied me. And she is taking his side and cutting me off as she feels I should accept and endorse his bully behavior. The way I am reading into all of this is that she has a deep dislike towards me and that she is working it to put everyone against me. We are indeed very different. She has addictions and I don't. She is miserable in her marriage, and I am not. . She was a kept woman her entire life, I am financially independent. And this goes on and on on many other things.
Most of all I think she is a distorted soul and a terrible mother just because she behave this way.
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So am I to understand that both your brother and your mother have acted abusively towards you, possibly your sister as well, with your father taking your mother's side in these things? Sweety, you must find a therapist and reduce contact with this family of yours.

My father as the enabler will say he does not want to say anything because otherwise she will make his life hell....

Ok, so he has surrendered too. Remove yourself as much as you possibly can from all these people. Start over. New friends, maybe an animal...

"dead threatens" .....death threats?

Dysfunction in families is more common than you can imagine. What a bunch of haters!

Unfortunately what ills your mother is going to be part of you. You can't help it. You are emotionally part of this. It's just a matter of being honest about you mother's problem and behaviors. That's the way toward mental health, being able to honestly evaluate your mom's behaviors, and trying to minimize the damage being done to you.

She is not well, which you already know. I hope you can find peace.

Your sister is jealous of you and probably has a borderline personality disorder. She wants to destroy (even if in her own mind) what she cannot have herself.

Come on into the light