Can't Stand It!

Maybe I just had enough when I was a teenager... IDK - but I am 38 now and I just am who I am...  I don't need to trash others and spread rumors or hang out someone else's dirty laundry just to make myself feel better. I don't need to lie to people and tell them I have cancer or that my ex husband beat me, or whatever. I don't need to make up some pathetic sob story about my childhood - because truth be told I did have a pretty tragic childhood - but so what? That was then & this is now - I don't run around telling people about it, it's in the past.

And I can't stand people who do this. It's one thing if you are a 16 year old girl - which doesn't make it any more acceptable, just a little more understandable - but I have met people who are my age or older that still pull this kind of crap. My current BF's ex-GF is just like this. Once she had a brain tumor, then her husband of like 15 years (she was married the whole time my BF and her dated) was abusive (she's still with him, even after having 2 kids with my now-BF) and then she lied to him and told him she was moving out of state (I'm assuming that she wanted him to give chase) and on and on and blah blah blah .... now that he has a GF (we've been together 8 months) she shows up the day before Valentines day and tells him she has *cancer*... good GOD. It's pathetic.


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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

I'm 27 and feel the same way, I really do feel for you. I've come to the conclusion that those sort of persons have to tell lie's to get people to like them and most of all get attention, when there is no need. I call these people LOST and need to find there way.