I F**** Hate Gossip/drama Etc

Perhaps it's because I'm a dude?

I just hate all that talking behind peoples backs, gossiping and overexaggeration of reality **** that's so popular these days. You can't turn a blind eye to it unless you live the life of a hermit in the woods without any form of communication medium, no phone, internet, tv, or human contact!

What's worse is that a lot of guys are doing it too. You can tell by watching their eyes light up and they spring into action the second a chance for it arises. Regarding women, I understand the role of it and why it's done. However, full respect to woman who don't get off on drama/gossip... Ok, a little now and then is understandable, but living for it/by it like a lot of people I know do... Just reinforces the fact that people love other people's misery and making themselves look better whenever possible.

Dram and gossip are two sides of the same coin to me... Both are qualities I think the human race could do with much less of...

Beats69 Beats69
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1 Response Apr 7, 2010

It's womens magazines that teach them at a young age.