I have always hated dreaming, always. My dreams have always been so realistic and sometimes I do not remember what is real and what is not. Don't get me wrong some dreams are lovely but I rather not have them. Recently, I mean 10 minutes ago I started dreaming that I was in my living room with my mom and we were talking, all of a sudden I sit down and could not speak, could not open my mouth and started to panic. I suddenly woke up and my heart was beating really fast to the point that I am scared at the moment to go back to sleep.
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Hmm, That's unfortunate...
You know, if you can train yourself to lucid dream at will (or at least often) it could make your nights a lot more pleasant, being able to control your dreams and get rid of any negative elements with the snap of your fingers

That is very helpful I will give a try, thank you :)