I Dont & Have Never Had a Drivers Licence

I don't drive...I don't know when or if I ever will. Everyone I know has given up asking the question " have you got your license yet?"  & I don't think any of them would get into a car with me even if I did have one.

I have been told I must be the only women who doesn't turn the map when reading it.. 

Road rage is scary... I remember my dad driving behind a tractor that took up 2 lanes,  when a crazy driver zipped up on the outside & cut in front off us....needless to say my dad turned into a lunatic driver himself and followed the man home only to roll down his window just to say ####ing idiot.

_______________UPDATE 25/6/08 __________________________________

I have my learners and am ready to drive :-)


I have completed my list of things to do this week .... how are you all doing :P    Yip Yip YIppy !!!!

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2 Responses Jan 28, 2007

You should. Driving is a form of freedom.

i dont drive either, i lost my license in 1999 & never went to go get it back 5 yrs later when i could get it back. i am afraid to drive now i dont go anywhere by my sself it is not fun to not even beablr to get in the car & go