Everyone's In A Hurry To Go Nowhere And Comfortable In Their Discomfort

Every human behind the steering wheel is exactly the same: they are in a hurry to go nowhere as fast as they can, and they are painfully comfortable in their extreme discomfort. I don't know about you, but that makes me extremely uncomfortable.

I am someone who is very smart and very hypersensitive, and I have seen so many stupid men driving behind me doing the exact same thing that I will never drive a car again. Here is what they do: Either the window is down or the convertible top is down, they are smoking a cigarette, and they drive up right behind you and scowl and shake their head. I love humanity and have a mission to make the world better, but some of these dense retards just need to die.

I gave up driving once and for all, and let me tell you this is a very normal thing to do and I understand exactly why you never want to ride on a stupid bumpy road ever again. There are some places in Germany where all cars or forcefully blocked from existing roads and those roads are turned into walking and biking-only. It is a tragic design flaw of the "modern" world that we allow automobiles in our town centers.

Let me tell you the future, one that I might not live to see, but it is coming. A future car will be symetrical with facing seats, and it will be an alien concept to let a creature as dense as a carbon-based earth human pilot such a vehicle. This is a field of science called Telematics, the advanced transportation modalities of the future.

All driving areas on the surface of the earth will be tunnelled to prevent harm to animals, and internet and computer technology will be so advanced that your home computer will literally be a "portal" through which education, income, communication and more will take place in real time.

Don't believe me? Well please allow me to explode your brain with the following TRUE revelation:

The United States Air Force Space Command and other related agencies all know about a type of technology called "portal" or "stargate" technology, where you can literally "jump" or "hop" through tunnelled out wormholes in space-time. To navigate a stargate, you need to have 4 three-digit numbers that are literally your "coordinates" to your destination.

What does that sound like to you? THE INTERNET PROTOCOL ADDRESS SYSTEM, where you navigate the internet with an ip address that has four 3-digit numbers. Now you can understand why it is actually possible for your home computer to literally act like a portal, and YOU NEVER NEED TO DRIVE AGAIN!
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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

hahaha nice story, but i have to agree 100% with the young male drivers that ride so close behind you that its uncomfortable. This happens to me at least 10 times everyday when i am on the road, and your right about the car too, its usually a sportscar behind me that driving so close and its really annoying. and this happens to when i am doing the maximum speed limit too. i dont want to break the law just because a bunch of impatient idiots are being impatient. and i like the whole concept of teleportation, when i didnt have my licence, i was hoping for that to be invented, it would be the best invention ever, you will never be late for anything because your just a door away from it.