Dont Do Drugs

i dont do drugs and never woudl i judge anyone who does or did.  Please listen to me your life is worth so much more than you know.  I had to take my sister off life support because of heroin and she was just 24 at the time.  I am older and i thank god for all i learned about her life. I am soooo sorry for you , and i want you to know it gets better.  it may hurt to withdrawl but it hurts more for someone that loves you to have to "legally" take your life.  You were given life for a reason and i know it is hard at times, but in the end it is soooo worth fighting for. God gave you to your parents and other family as a gift and abusing that is like telling Him he didnt do good enough.

You can do this and i will be preying for you.I dont know your name but God does , you were not a mistake.

God bless you

luvbugg77 luvbugg77
26-30, F
Mar 29, 2007