Sorry For Party Rocking (a True Story)

I've never been addicted to drugs or alcahol, not saying that I can't, but it's not of my strength that I've never done drugs.
But I heard a story of a 16 year old teenage boy, who was honor roll at his school, had a model like girlfriend and had a very nice car and a good paying job at Walmart. He was getting a very great start.
What would he do, however, on Fridays? He would go to parties where girls would unclad and reveal everything they had, he would bet for sex, play beer pong, and of course do meth, drink. He thought he could have boundaries. A teenage boy drinking and sex parties, what he would call the good life.
One night after being very intoxicated, he was so drunk, he got on top of someone's SUV and began dancing and singing a rude humored song.
Everyone was laughing, maybe they were just as drunk. He stumbled over and for a second, everyone was laughing but then the laughter stopped.
"What in Christ's name is going on out there?" someone inside yelled.
The dancer on the SUV came in, with blood flowing off his face, he was delusional. What had happened was when he fell, he had fallen on the radio antenna and it went through his eye, puncturing his brain, leaving him mentally retarded for life.
What a shame! All because of drugs, he lost everything he knew. The last things he saw were wrong and were devastating.
So I encourage if you have these problems seek help. Drugs are not worth it.
God has given us so much more to life than to lose it by these addictions. These addictions can be stopped.
I wish everyone the best and God bless.
Sorry if this was disgusting, but it was a true story
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That was a good story - thank you for telling it.

thank you!!