Socially Accepted and Encouraged Self Harm

Neither my life or the lives of those I care about has ever been ruined by drugs.
I'm saying this so people know that this isn't the reason I hate them; I hate them because of how accepted some have become or are becoming.
Take marijuana for instance, there is a strange notion that because something is natural it's good for you.
"it eases stress & numbs pain" yeah well so can cigarettes & various other things that I wouldn't recommend ingesting.
Hell pain killers can do the same but you don't want to be living on them.

Then we have the big one, the one I imagine many of the people on this group don't even think of, alcohol.
Going out to get drunk with friends is seen as natural in the world we live in as breathing.
I've never been drunk & I never will.
From the age it was legal alcohol was pushed on me by family & occasionally friends.
I don't drink so I'm "boring", well excuse me for not wanting to waste money on foul testing crap that does more harm than good.

I simply refuse to speak to any inebriated person as they are not themselves.
If course I'm often treated like the bad guy because of this.
FaolanHart FaolanHart
22-25, T
Dec 15, 2012