Why Am I the Only One?

I have one question:  Am I the only person in this entire ******* world that despises drugs?!?

Geez.  I have issues with drug usage due to events in my past.  Like, with my dad getting into cocaine and then crack.  I have watched drugs turn him into a hard-working, well dressed, financially stable person to a typical crackhead.  I have watched him snort coke, I have had him almost "sell" my virginity for a rock.  Drugs are not "cool".  They may be fun for every once in a while, but I think I'll just have my fun otherwise.  Some people do not have addictive personalities, well, I do.

My mom got addicted to vicodin, not in the life altering way my dad did (she was able to go on binges and then stop).  Well one day she decided to write in a number on her prescription.  The pharmacist got suspicious at such a high number, so she called the doctor, and then the police.  When I found out my mom was in jail that night I had a panic attack.  Now she knows better than to do anything like that again, but if someone at work offers her one, or if she gets some from the doctor for real pain, she takes them all in a day and acts so annoying.

When someone mentions that they did a drug, I get a pit in my stomach.  It seems that everyone I know says, "What's the big deal?" or "It's just every once in awhile".  But I don't give a damn.  I don't think my dad woke up one day and said, "I'm gonna become a crackhead and lose everything."  No, it was casual and gradual until it was daily.  So I will not be partaking in drugs.  If you want to do them, that's fine, just don't bring them around me.  I don't want to be around people while they're ****** up because it's scary.  I can't stand when people are high and acting weird, I feel like I am babysitting.

My aunt does so many xanax that we literally have to watch her like a hawk.  Or else she do something bad.  She hallucinates and everything, she puts things in the oven that don't belong there, she washes the same laundry over and over again.  Gets on the phone late at night and calls random people asking for more pills, when they don't even know who she is.  It's horrible. 

In conclusion, I hate drugs, I don't and won't do them (tried weed and hated it btw), and I don't want to be around them.

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whats reallly amazing is it generally ends up being people like you that date/marry addicts then only like the "person they were before" even though they have never been straight or sober around you since the day you met.........................................

Good for you drugs killed my grandson. He was 22 when he died. How or why this happened I will never know, I miss him every single day.

I HATE DRUGS TOO! I’m 45, just 3 years younger than Whitney Houston, (RIP) and I’m never did drug in my entire life, but I know first-hand how drugs can destroy your family and kill those you love. My mother died in 2002 of a drug overdose after battling her addiction for more than 37 years. She was only 50 years old when she died, but she got hooked on drugs at the age of 13! She started smoking cigarettes, then it progressed to weed, then it went to cocaine, and later crack and sometimes 8-balls. Because of my mom’s addiction, both my siblings and I were abused as children. I eventually went to live in foster care. When I heard about Whitney’s Houston’s death yesterday, I was heart -broken. WHEN IS SOCIETY GOING TO REALIZE THAT DRUGS ALL DRUGS ARE, EVIL, SADISTIC, SUBSTANCES ON THIS PLANET? If you really think about it, drugs are really plants and trees. I sincerely believe that it wasn’t a so-called fruit Adam and Eve at in the Garden of Eden. It was some type of plant or drug which causes them to see themselves and the word in a more evil and spiritually elevated light. If you really think about the term “getting high” what does that really mean? It means you become elevated to a higher plane of spiritually awareness and heighten senses. That’s why people start seeing things and hallucinating when they sometimes do drugs. The greatest lie Satan told EVE was if she eats of this so-called fruit from the Garden, she would be as God and that’s what “getting high” is really all about. Trying to feel some sort of euphoric, mood altering, state only you’ll really never reach the high you felt the first time you got high. So you spend your whole life trying to reach that state, even experimenting with different types of drugs until you find your drug of choice, yet you still can’t get that high you got the first time. Such begins the life of an addict. All this stated because some at one point in your life someone told you to try this(meaning some BS drug), it will make you feel so good and you fall for the GREATEST LIE EVER TOLD just like Satan told Eve. And This IS WHY I HATE ALL DRUGS!

my nana dies of heroine and my now to be ex is being dumped cause i cant stand weed and mcat (whats the point of mcat anyways its for plants not humans)..ive never tryed drugs in my life but for some reason i hate them and if i see them i have panic attacks :/

I know how you feel! I hate drugs so much, even the "innocent" one, pot. My boyfriend doesn't though, I recently found out he's been using and selling drugs behind my back the past year. I feel so sick everytime I think about it and just want to cry when I think about it... I love him and he told me he'd never do it again but I still feel sick whenever I hear a reference to it... I just don't know what to do anymore. Why can't he just have fun while sober?

I agree!<br />
Drugs ruin everything. Not only to they hurt the person actually using, but they also hurt the people that care for the drug addict. <br />
Im in a relationship with a guy, and I love him so much. I found out he had been smoking heroin for 5 months, and it just completely broke me. In the end, I stayed with him and helped him get through detox, rehab... all that good stuff. Hes doing great now, but i still have trust issues because he lied for 5 months! Everyone says it was him, it was his addiction. Everyone says that drug addicts will say anything just to get their next fix, and dont get me wrong, i get that its an addiction....but it still hurts that i was lied to. I never like drugs, but after the experience i had, I resent drugs more than anything now! <br />
is there anyone out there in my position? can anyone give me any advice or words of wisdom?

If you could join the group here: http://www.facebook.com/ihatedrugs it would be a great help. As it is on this site, there are too many people writing things in favour of drugs and too few against. The more we have who are against drugs the better. Please think about joining, we'd appreciate it.

I AGREE completely! That is exactly how I feel! I can't stand to be near anyone that does drugs even if it's just recreational. My brother started off with just drinking, then marijuana and now heroine, speed and cocaine. He's violent, insane and just plain awful when he's on them. My mum and dad also did drugs, it runs in the family which is why I'm scared to even try them. I NEVER want to be like my mum and brother. My mother also suffers from schizophrenia and dementia because she started doing drugs from the age of 10, her brain is pretty much fried :( which is just sad really. It also hurts to find out that friends are doing such things *sigh*

im so sick of having drugs in my life i have made a descision to cut them out completely. wish i had never tried them in the first place they can get such a bad grip of you.

Yeah it really is a disappointment =[

I share your pain girl! I also feel like i'm the only person in the whole freakin world that doesn't do drugs. Everytime i meet someone new and I find out later that they do drugs, it just disappoints me. ugh...