I Want A Good Reason As To Y U Would??

i have 2 words for drunk drivers

your stupid.

ok i cant say this in just 2 words. but wat the hell is the matter with u ppl. cuz u say ohh im not like the rest, i can drive while intoxicated, ima big grown up its cool its fine dandy... u lota pathetics, hath i will give no mercy in saying ure a waste of air and just stop breathing right now u pathetic poor excuse of a human being.

if u want to die just f ucken die already and stop taking other ppl out with u. oh wait i forgot u want to die so u dont give a crap bout anyone else!!!!

i know if i cant even walk at 1 mile per hour! how the f uck!!! i am going to see straight or not b impaired in some way going 20 miles or let alone 80 miles per hour!!!!!!!!

btw when ure drinking, y do u have to go hop to ure next friends house y do u have to go there and here, i thought u were supposed to use alchy as a way to relax and let loose, ure friends should already b where u r planning on socialy drinking wit them,,, ok no i wont go into rambles on this anymore


i mean u have legs at least go f ucken walk to ure destination ure drunk anyway, u wont remember it. 

ok im done.

f ucking stupid.
thsone thsone
22-25, F
1 Response May 26, 2010

I am glad that I am not the only one who despises the losers.......yes i do have the occasional drink and enjoy myself in doing so, but I never ever get behind the wheel after drinking and yes i can honestly say never have. See my blog about the loss of my daughter to an idiot like that