Drunk Drivers Destroy

I had a loving cousin that I played racquetball with and watched sports together. A drunken illegal alien killed him. The illegal alien drove out of a bar and immediately onto the freeway from an exit ramp hitting my cousin's car head on.
The uncle that taught me the basics of business and accounting, was an alcoholic. While drunk he drove his car into a tree, the car caught fire and only the shell was left when emergency vehicles arrived. He had a wife and two young children.
Four female cousins went partying one night and about 2:30 am their car left the road at a turn, rolling over. All of them were killed.
My grandfather was drunk after a Christmas party out of town. He was driving, my grandmother was a passenger in the front seat, and my sister was a passenger in the back seat. He ignored the railroad tracks. The train hit the car. My grandmother died a few days later, my sister lived till Christmas eve. My grandfather's only injuries were a few broken ribs.
Maybe there is some truth to alcohol being fire water.
Jones47 Jones47
61-65, M
Jul 29, 2010