So Irresponsible.

I guess I should say that my dad had 2 DUIs.  The first time he got caught driving the WRONG WAY in a special lane made just for buses.  The second time I think was just a routine stop and he failed the test. 

Now, my dad has passed away and don't get me wrong, I love and miss him with all my heart and soul, but it makes me so ANGRY to think that he could have done such a thing.  I remember thinking that he could have killed someone or himself.  Why would you do that and put your family through so much pain?  It hurts to this day to think about.  Luckily, no one was hurt.

I just think drunk driving is one of the most irresponsible things you can do. 
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We didn't really get the chance to be. I was just a little girl but I have other older sisters who were closer. One in particular was very close in age and her world fell apart for a long time after.

I agree with you both. It's so disgusting. Absab, I am sorry about your sister, Were you guys close?

My sister and 2 of her friends were killed in a collision on the night of their high school graduation by a drunk driver on their side of the road. That was nearly 40 years and my parents never got over it. He took not only 3 lives but the potential they all had to make a difference to our world. <br />
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If you can afford to drink, you can afford a taxi fare.