Drunk Driving is crazy

When someone is drunk driving they may not think that they are doing wrong.  Boy are they wrong.  Maybe they have driven drunk without incidence but they never know what the future holds.  What really gets to me about drunk driving is that I know that people that do this are not evil.  They are just badly mistaken.  They have done a grave error that they might not be able to take back.  I have known drunk drivers that are perfectly nice people.  Teachers, doctors, students and more that are just living their lives in a good way, but could change it all by one night of stupidity.  I hope that people think twice before getting in a car drunk.  I hope that they realize that it is a mistake!
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2 Responses Mar 20, 2006

The worst ones are those that drive on drugs.

a drunk teenager hit my moms camaro while she was pregnant with my sister. she was knocked into the passenger seat. if she had been wearing her seat belt, it would have held her there, and she would have died, so would my sister.<br />
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...i would have never been born...