To All Those That Drive Under The Influence

If you could feel just half the pain victims of drunk drivers feel you would stop.
The victims are more than those who's lives you take
Yes they are victims but their pain is gone but their lives cut short
The pain of their loved ones goes on for the rest of their lives
I've heard drunk drivers say they have so much guilt having to live the rest of their lives knowing what they have done
But i guarantee that pain is nowhere near the pain I feel having lost a loved one to drunk driving.
Please think good and hard before you get behind the wheel of a car for that quick trip home

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4 Responses Apr 20, 2011

Thanks for your post. I am lucky I still have my life. I do continue to suffer residual pain from the head trauma I experienced. Its simply not worth cutting someone's life short for a drink.

Drunk driving is senselss. The drunks are not that great of people. Drunk driving is bad and happy that many places the cops do crack down. Give higher penalties and fines. Long jail terms for those who repeat the offense and take away the license for life. If caught drunk driving without a license or suspended execute the person immediately. Saves money, time and of course sends a message.

you husband is a wise man Charmfer. You are so right in that just a split second can change peoples lives forever. I just wish everyone could realize that.

This is one thing I really respect about my husband... when we go out with friends or for dinner he never has a drink. His reason being "That one split second of a delay in reaction could cost us our lives." I lost two friends to drunk driving. I do wish people wouldn't drink when they had to drive even if it was a few blocks away coz anything could happen from one point to the other.