Ruined My Childhood

I was hit by a drunk driver when I was riding my bike when I was 12. Broke a vertabre in my back and I am lucky to be alive. I still have post tramatic strees almost 10 years later.
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My childhood was ruined too, at nine years old I became totally deaf because of a drunk driver.

I think he meant post traumatic stress, I hate drink drivers also & I hope people realise before they learn from a fatal accident

What do you mean "post tramatic streets?" Certain times on certain streets you get a kind of flash back or scary feeling?<br />
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It sounds difficult to handle.<br />
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Our bodies go all out to encourage us to fight or run, and after a trama like yours, your body has forgotten the to push the "shut down to normal button."<br />
When you have repeated alarms going off in your system it depletes certan chemicals that would be there to give you a feeling of well being. Sometimes a medication that replaces the depleted chemical will help. It will act like a bridge so that you can cross over from scared all the time to a place where you keep normal vigilance.<br />
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Ask you M.D. about it. <br />
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Good luck, <br />
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