Daddy's Little Girl

when i was little i was daddy's little girl

i was his shadow and he was probably the most amazing person anyone had ever met- when he was sober.

im telling you this because of the desicion he made that has effected my life greatly...

when i was 8 (im not 16) my dad was a huge alcholic, i only lived with him every other weekend- and my childhood is a blurr as it was.  i didn't realize that we (my older sister and I) spent numorous occasions alone, or were forced to sleep in teh bathroom because our dad told us we had to.  my psychologist had it was just childhood memory blockout, nothing terrible.

okay getting off subject

anyways he would drink alot, and one time he was coming home from "the corner pub" that was the nameof the bar at around 5 in the evening, and he hit another car... injuring the driver and  the passenger.  Laura Whimms, age 42, registered nurse, loving wife, and mom of 4 kids.  and Marissa Whimms,  5 years old.  Laura was in a come, and luckily Marissa escaped with a broken arm and scrapes...the car rolled 4 times, he hit them going 70 on a 25mph zone.

It hurts to admit that my dad changed people's lives forever.  The last i heard (according to my mom) Laura Whimms is fine, but she suffered from severe head injuries and trauma.  She won't be able to communicate to her children verbally again.  she is now what people call "retarded"  my gut gets all twisted when i think about my dad being the cause of this...because he was drinking and driving.

please be better and know you're not just risking your life by doing this.


my dad has been in jail for 7 1/2 years now and ironically enough he gets out on my birthday.  ...july 3rd.  i hope he learned from his mistake.  

i hope you don't have to learn from a similar experience.



he has

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yes he is able to refuse to come to court I sent the following email to the Sheriff as well as posted it on their FB I have had NO response but didnt ecpect one really. <br />
would like to know:<br />
1 How it is possible for a photo to be posted online of an inmate in custody during a visit?<br />
2 How does an inmate 'go missing" while in custody and in transport to court?<br />
3 How does an inmate get to refuse to appear in court?<br />
4 How does an inmate get to visit with his "homie/ gang members" in the court house halls while in custody? <br />
I appreciate your response,<br />
Thank You

WOW.. there must be more to the story you may not know? My daughter was killed by a drunk driver just before Christmas.. long story short we will be "lucky" if he does a FULL TWO years i jail/prison .. I am in the sad corrupt state of California =(

Ambersmomma, you are battling real demons - you have to be courageous and keep fighting until justice is served.

Since he has already been sentenced and now is able to refuse to appear in court for the criminal restitution I feel there is NO justice we weill ever have or get .. what my daughter and my family recieved was Just-Ice but yes I am fighting for other families here so they don't go through this and in California MADD is a JOKE no help at all ..

He is able to REFUSE to appear in court!? I'm sickened.

Folks who drive druck should have to drive with long spikes coming out of the streering wheel sitting right up to thier chest. Then they might know how it feels for the rest of us.

that is so sad,wish the news would put thesetypes of stories on,would hopefully affect people more than just numbers of people killed,statistic dont have much impact

THank YOu for sharing that! Very emotional, and great moral! Sorry for you and your WHOLE family! This unfortunate incident has reprocussions that will last a life-time! But maybe your willingness to share just made someone out there do some SERIOUS THINKING before their next drink! We can hope, huh?