With A Passion

I had drunk drivers with a Passion.
I was in a Drunk driving car accident
When I was six months pregnant.
I was getting a ride home from a friend's get-together.
My friend wasn't drunk.
We were about 1/2 hour from my house.
A Drunk driver ran a red light.
Hit us head-on.
He was dead before the paramedic got there.
I don't remember much from the accident.
I remember being in a lot of pain
And I felt like it took forever for the paramedic to get there.
I remember coming in and out of unconscious. 
I lost my little babygirl. 
They did an emergency c section to remove the baby.
It was heart-breaking.
A drunk driver took my child from me.
She was was killed instantly from the impact from the car accident.
I named her Emily. 
My family put the money together for a small personal funeral.
She was buried next to my brother. 
Every time I go back to Connecticut I visit her grave.
I hate drunk drivers.
I believe there is no excuse to drive drunk.
Most states have programs to call so you won't drive home drunk.
Here in Florida, we can call the police department and they will bring you home.
Just so you don't have to drive drunk.
There is no ******* excuse for it,
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Nov 25, 2012