I Was Crippled By A Drunk Driver

A day after I graduated high school, I was in a MVA. A drunk driver hit me head on. After being air-lifted to a hospital I nearly died. After 2 weeks in coma, my parents were allowed to see my damages. My skull had cracked in several places and swelled larger than a basketball. A faucet was drilled into my skull to relieve the pressure caused by the swelling. Since my skull was cracked, the nerve from my ear to my brain was cut. I am DEAF in my right ear for life. A few of my bones that were broken include: jaw in 3 places, all my ribs, carpals in right hand, right fibula, both ankles were crushed. all toes, nose, and my L-5 vertebra was shattered. I required spinal surgery to fuse my L-5 vertebra. Unfortunately Dr. Patrick Hitchon operated on me. His numerous surgical errors led to my left leg being paralyzed for LIFE. I have blind spots in both eyes from the brain damage. I wear a very painful Afo brace on my paralyzed leg. I endured 6-months in a body cast after this accident. My suffering has continued every day since this accident. I received NOTHING from the drunk driver that died in this accident. I live a horribly painful life because our roads are packed full of drunk drivers, and our hospitals are packed with bad surgeons. I was an Eagle Scout, honor student and have many achievements to be proud of prior to this accident. Since then life has only become more painful.

I live on Social Security Disability. It pays me 50% below the poverty level income. How is this possible? How can a victim of a drunk driver be allowed to suffer for the rest of their lives in America?

I am NOT proud to be an American.
rodvrice rodvrice
31-35, M
Feb 27, 2013