Hate Drunks

So I get together today with my buddy Jeri and we go over to Alton Baker park and chill, drinkin' some coffee. I take her back home and drop her off, and afterwards I sit for a minute and send a text message before I leave. Out of nowhere I see a green car tear around the corner, fly past my car narrowly missing it (and I was driving Lisa's car too) and smash into the car next to me, completely totaling the front end and destroying the fence around the complex.

Now I'm pretty stunned at this point, but here's the fun part - the lady decides to slam on reverse and backs into my rear bumper as well. It doesn't cause any damage, but at this point I lose it and jump out, yelling "GET THE hecl OUT OF THE CAR!" at her. It takes her like a minute to process, but she gets out. Let me tell you, this lady was hideous. She was wearing a loose-fitting tanktop with no bra and her boobs sagged down past her stomach. If any of you remember Ms. Choksondik from South Park, it was basically that. She was wearing some nasty shorts and her eyes were all bloodshot too. Obviously drunk and drugged up.

"What the heck do you think you're DOING?!" I ask her.

"Uhhh....uhhh...the accelerator...I lost control...accelerator.." she mumbles, barely.

"Are you stinkin drunk?"

"Uhh..noo, not at all."

"Np, you're drunk. And you hit my car. Lucky for you, it didn't cause any damage, but you destroyed that car. You better go find those people and talk to them before I call the cops."

Get this - the lady gets BACK in her car and drives off. So I call the cops, give the license number and description of her and her car and I take off. The dispatcher said they'd call if they couldn't find her, and they never did so I'm assuming they got to her.. The car that got hit is still there though, wrecked in the fence. Don't know what's going to become of that. I'm sure the lady will get evicted from the complex though and probably end up in jail for a while.. I hate them. HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE them. I hope they all get burned in a large fire and I get to watch.

I'm so glad I didn't back out sooner though. I'd probably be in the hospital right now. Lucky me I guess.
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1 Response Aug 27, 2006

Wow.... you (and many others) could've died! I'm glad you called the cops, good on you.