Drunk Driving Is a Horrible Thing

a few years ago, this family that i was acquainted with was destroyed by a drunk driver.  This family of four were outside of their brand new home.  The father and the 5 year old son started to go inside the house while the mom stayed outside watching her 2 year old son play with a ball just a few feet away from her.  Out of nowhere, a red truck steers off the road at a high speed, passes through the trees and hit the mother and decapitated the 2 year old. The mom passed away from internal bleeding. The driver died instantly.

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5 Responses Aug 28, 2006

Folks who drive druck should have to drive with long spikes coming out of the streering wheel sitting right up to thier chest. Then they might know how it feels for the rest of us.

Really sad indeed. Drunk drivers get by to little it seems for the firsttime. Maybe the country should do what some middle eastern countries do. Execute the bums on the first offense. Unfortunately it will never happen in the states. Lock them up for 5 years firsttime and fine 200,000 and make sure they pay the fine.

what lowlife they are,wish all cars could have the drunk locks on them,every single one,standard like a radio

Oh my gosh, I hate drunk drivers to. I am so sorry for that family. pamela

so sad