When Did This Start And Why? For God's Sake, Why?

I can't say when it was first noticed that women/girls (well, most of the time) started doing this? Is it to make their lips look fuller? 'Cause it doesn't. They just look foolish. I know I've sent "kissy" faces to friends or family jokingly but not to look cool or sexy... but now I can't because I don't want to look like those duckface girls.

I love the look of a naturally beautiful woman, and somebody ho is obviously trying so hard is sooooooo unattractive. But idk if they even think of it that way. Now it's as common as people holding up two fingers for a peace sign or something. I miss the good old fashioned smiles that seem to have almost completely disappeared.

These are the same superficial people that wear high heels everywhere. Ya know, that is not neccisary either. Why are you going to trot around at an amusement park all day in heels? It's not gonna feel good and you will end up walking like a zombie by the end of the day (if you make it that long). JUST STOP TRYING TO BE SEXY ALL THE FREAKING TIME!
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1 Response Sep 14, 2012

I agree this duckface thing is not working. I am not who is liking this out there. But the high heels.... :-)

yes agree. the proper places are in bed and such. :-)